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Special Issue

Special issue on: “Advances in Tire Characterization: Experiment, Simulation and Analysis”

Leading Guest Editor:

Dr. Xiaoguang Yang, Wanli Tire Corporation Limited, China
Guest Editor:

Dr. Chongfeng Wei, University of Birmingham, UK

Mr. Yi Xiong, Aalto University, Finland


Manuscript Submission Deadline: 31 August, 2016



As an important sub-system of vehicle, tire has significant effect on the response of driver and road inputs. However, tire performance study is also sophisticated due to tires’ composite structure and nonlinear material properties. The emerging tire research approaches recently, such as new experimental device and powerful computational method have promoted the investigation of tire forces and moments, NVH, fatigue and fracture, stress and strain, heating generation, hydroplaning, braking distance, etc.


This Special Issue focuses on the recent advances in tire characterization using experiment, simulation and analysis methods. The subjects cover tire performance test, tire material modelling, tire design sensitivity, tire behavior modelling (FEM, Analytical, Physical etc.), tire-road-vehicle system dynamics for passenger car tire, truck/bus tire, racing tire etc.


It is expected that researchers from both tire industry and academia can communicate their new findings in this special issue regarding the diversity of tire characterization method.



 Paper topics include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Tire Performance Experiment

Force and Moment, Rolling Resistance, Profile and Stiffness, Strain and Stress, Durability, Dynamic Balance, Uniformity, etc.


  • Tire Modelling and Simulation

Materials Properties Characterization, Structure Design Parameters Sensitivity, Heating Generation, Fatigue and Fracture, Wear, Hydroplaning, Enveloping Property, Tire Pattern Design, Aircraft Tire Property, Rolling Tire on Soil and Snow Roads, etc.


  • Tire-Road-Vehicle System

Dry/wet Handling, Traction and Braking, Noise, Vibration and Harshness, Pull, Stability, Impact, Subjective and Objective Evaluation, Tire Influences on Vehicle Dynamics etc.

  •  New Tire Technology

Sensor Technology, RFID, TPMS, Intelligent Tire System, Run- flat Tire, Self-sealing Tire, Non-pneumatic Tire, etc.

With a global readership of both academics and practitioners, Journal of Advances in Vehicle Engineering is the perfect place to further the reach of your research, those that fall within the scopes of Terramechanics and Vehicle Dynamics, Energy and FuelEnergy Harvesting and those of researches themed close to the primary subjects. The journal has the policy of open-access articles to the readers and free of charge for the publication.

The authors also will benefit from:

Rapid online publication after peer review
Global awareness of your research
The option to publish Open Access
Liability to be selected as hot paper by the prestigious editors

The Editors welcome submissions that will engage worldwide discourse and ignite the interest of academia to explore new ways of advancing the world of vehicle engineering. The papers invited can fall within the following field of interests:

Vibration control
Energy harvesting
Structural dynamics
Bio-Dynamics including (Human body response to vibration and Reducing human vibrations in vehicles)
Ride Analysis
Suspension Dynamics
Robust Controller for road/off-road Vehicles
Smart Materials in Vehicle Dynamics
Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicle Driving/Control
Alternative fuels
Automotive emissions
Diesel engines
Combustion Modelling including (CFD modeling of Premixed/non-premixed combustion and Gaseous/liquid fuels)


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