A novel exergy analysis of spray injection angle of compression ignition engine

Junming Zhang


A comprehensive study was carried out to determine the exergy efficiency with regard to variation of spray injection angle (aiming to the bowl) and engine speed. For engine performance and spray structure analysis, 3D CFD simulation of engine according to Deutz Die-sel engine was applied and in-house code was used to acquire exergy, irreversibility, and second law efficiency. Second law efficiency was calculated for different spray angle- engine speed strategies and 31.12%, 27.2%, and 29.17% are attributed to 130, 140, and 150deg of injection angle under 1500 rpm, respectively. In terms of engine performance, i.e. IMEP, ISFC, and T, the best indices are of 130deg equal to 15.4 bar, 0.6856 Kg/Kwh, and 2074.97K under 1500rpm, respectively. Instant irreversibility rate possesses higher amount of peak value for 130deg, while 140deg shows higher mean irreversibility rate over CA period. The highest mean irreversibility rate was reported at 2500 rpm-140deg case.

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