An overview on vehicle lateral dynamics and yaw stability control systems

Yoshio Suzuki, Masato Takeda


Various advanced active chassis control systems, e.g., four wheel steering (4WS), active front steering (AFS), steer-by-wire (SBW), direct yaw moment control (DYC) and active suspension system, have been dynamic fields of studying interest. Yaw stability control system plays a vital role in vehicle lateral dynamics and stability in order to enhance the vehicle handling and ride performances. Yet, there is little known about the performances improvement of vehicle yaw rate and sideslip tracking control. This paper focuses on the control system designs of Various advanced active chassis control systems such as four wheel steering (4WS), active front steering (AFS), steer-by-wire (SBW), direct yaw moment control (DYC) and their performances.  For road-vehicle dynamic, lateral dynamic control is important in order to determine the vehicle stability which is the vital approach for vehicle lateral dynamics where the actual yaw rate and sideslip should be tracked by the controller close to the desired response.  Based on this review, this paper discusses a basic concept of four wheel steering (4WS), active front steering (AFS), steer-by-wire (SBW), direct yaw moment control (DYC) and their performances. 

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