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Top ChatGPT Prompts to Improve Your Writing

Cover: Top ChatGPT Prompts to Improve Your Writing

Top ChatGPT Prompts to Improve Your Writing

28 мая 2024 г.

ChatGPT has been around for about 2 years only. However, it has become more and more effective with each update. Now, it's one of the best tools in various fields. With this magnificent AI tool, you won't need to spend money on different tools for different activities. Writing is one of these activities, and we will show you can use ChatGPT prompts for writing.

Preparing Content Creation

Content creation does not start with writing what you have in mind directly to a page. Whether it is SEO content or a book chapter, you need to think about the content you are going to write wisely. Generating ideas could take more time than writing the content most of the time.

At this point, ChatGPT can help you in a great way. If you know how to use chat gpt prompts for content creation, the idea developing phase for the content will be much easier. Now, let's see how you can utilize this magical tool in the content creation phase.

Generating Content Ideas and Titles

ChatGPT will be a great source for you to generate content ideas and titles if you know how to use prompts wisely. For those who do not know what a prompt is, let's define it first. The prompt can be explained as a text that you send to ChatGPT to make it create something, answer your questions, etc. Prompts are the most crucial step for using ChatGPT correctly. With the correct prompts, you can generate content ideas and titles for your blog post, book chapter, article, etc. Below are some of the ChatGPT prompts that you can use.

  • Create a list of best [X] tools for the [Y] industry

  • Create a list of the top trends in [YOUR NICHE] to write a blog > post.

  • You are an article title generator. Provide me with some creative, > SEO-friendly blog post titles for [X] industry.

These are some template prompts that you can use to generate content ideas and titles. As you can see, ChatGPT can help you with brainstorming and idea generation in the content marketing field.

ChatGPT prompts for writing content outlines

However, ChatGPT's capabilities in content creation are not limited to that. As you know it is not possible to create a piece of content that works without a detailed outline. If you are a content marketer or content writer, you are most probably familiar with content outlines or content briefs. If you need to create a content outline for a blog post, landing page, long-form article, or another type of content, ChatGPT can assist you in a great way. Let's see how.

  • Create a blog post outline in a way headings and subheadings are > shown as H1, H2s, H3s, etc. for [X] niche.

  • Create a long-form content outline for the article with the [X] > title.

  • Provide me with the main points that should be in a blog post that > will be written for [X] keywords

As you can see from the examples, ChatGPT can easily be your best content outline generator in any niche. When you use the right prompts, you can provide content writers with great, to-the-point content outlines.

Content Creation

As we said above, creating a content outline is one of the most important parts of the content writing process. However, it is not the only important part. Moreover, it is not the only part that you can get help from ChatGPT. You can make ChatGPT write the whole content, or a part of content for you with the right prompts. When we say content writing, we do not only refer to blog posts, SEO articles, or similar marketing content. You can even write books, book chapters,

Now, we will list some sample prompts that you can use to write content with ChatGPT. Let's start with blog posts.

Blog Post ChatGPT Prompts

If you know what you are doing, ChatGPT can be the best writer you can find in the world to write blog posts! Although many people say ChatGPT, or similar tools like ChatSonic is not the best option to write long blog posts, this is not true. Again the most important thing is prompts.

Many people try to write the full article in just one prompt, and this is a big mistake. You need to create an article

  • You are a senior content writer, and I want you to create content > for [X] keyword. Write the introduction paragraph only. Add a > sentence that works as a hook and keeps the reader at the article.

As you can see, ChatGPT can write SEO-friendly articles on any topic. However, you need to inform it about your keyword, and other features that you need in your article. And you need to write the content part by part. This way, ChatGPT can be a great writer for your website.Let's continue to write the same article.

  • Write an H2 paragraph for the same article.

Now, let's add a subheading to our first H2 paragraph in the article.

As can be seen in the screenshots, writing the article part by part helps. You can do it easily and create articles according to your preferences. Now, let's continue with other prompts.

Conclusion articles play an important role in blog articles. Writing a catchy, calls the reader to action and to-the-point conclusion is the most difficult part of writing for many content writers. However, it is not difficult for CHATGPT. You can write great conclusion paragraphs for articles by utilizing correct prompts with ChatGPT. Here are a few examples.

  • Write me a conclusion paragraph for [X] article with a Call to > Action text that directs the reader to buy the product.

ChatGPT can write great conclusion paragraphs, and it even adds a CTA text as you can see in the screenshot!

You can also incorporate keywords into your articles easily with ChatGPT. You can add as many keywords as you wish.

  • Create an article for [X] topic with [Y] and [Z] keywords. The > article should be about 500 words.

ChatGPT is successful in incorporating keywords in articles. Isn't it?

ChatGPT Prompts for Writing a Book

ChatGPT is a great writer. As we said at the beginning of the post, its writing abilities are not limited to SEO articles. ChatGPT can write stories, novels, and other literacy texts with the right prompts. Don't worry, we'll also offer you sample prompts to write books!

As a first example, we'll show you how you can create titles for your fiction books. This is a common problem among fiction writers. Maybe you've created a magnificent universe, but could not find the perfect title for it. Below are some ChatGPT prompts for writing a book with a focus on title creation.

  • Suggest some titles for my novel about [YOUR NOVELS PLOT].

It would be fair to say that ChatGPT can get creative with the ideas, and help you to find the perfect title. However, ChatGPT can do much more than that. Sometimes, people can struggle to write a storyline although they have an idea about the topic of the story/novel. ChatGPT can help you to write a storyline, and turn your ideas into concrete scenarios.

  • You are a famous sci-fi novel writer. Please create a storyline > around [YOUR TOPIC]

Not a bad one, right? What do you say?

With ChatGPT, you can also create articles that are in the style of some famous authors. However, we need to say that you should not use them for any commercial purpose since it imitate other people's styles. But, if you are looking for inspiration, or want to create novels, stories, or novellas just for fun, you can try it.

  • Create a passage for a fantastic novel in the style of [X author]

It looks like a passage from a great fantastic novel if you ask our opinion about this one. ChatGPT is also successful in writing literacy texts.

With ChatGPT, it is also possible to create scenarios with simple prompts for your book. You do not need to give any details to ChatGPT. Just say the genre in your mind, and watch ChatGPT's magic!

  • Create a short horror story.

It would be fair to say that this one is a great story for a prompt this short. You can use this idea as an inspiration, and create longer, more complicated scenarios if you want. Either use it as an assistant or your ghostwriter, ChatGPT would be very beneficial for you in literacy writing.

Essays ChatGPT Prompts

Essays are another field that you can get help from GPT. People generally think that using GPT or another AI tool in writing can be problematic because the knowledge base of AI tools is not up to date, and they can mislead people. However, this is not completely true. As we said for content creation or book creation, the prompts you provide are the most important thing in essay writing. We'll inform you about some prompts that you can use to create better essays now.

First, let's start with a prompt that you can use to create an essay outline. This prompt will make the essay writing process easier for you.

  • Create an essay outline for [YOUR TOPIC]

This kind of outline would help you to plan your essay better, you can write in a more organized way.

Let's look at how you can ChatGPT prompts in Pros-Cons essays. Pros-Cons essays are one of the most popular essay styles. They not only test your language skills but also your knowledge in the field. With GPT you can have full knowledge of the topic. Let's see an example.

  • List the Pros and Cons of [X]

You can also use ChatGPT to find counterarguments to use in your essay.

  • Present a counterargument to[X].

As you can see, ChatGPT is also successful in finding counter arguments for the given topic. You can change [zoo] in the article to any other subject, and the result will be great each time.

You can also create conclusion paragraphs for your essays. As it is known by the students or instructors writing essays for various topics, writing conclusions could be the most difficult part of essay writing. You need to summarize your ideas clearly and prove why your thesis is correct. Of course, GPT can help you with that! When you give it the right prompt, Chat GPT can provide you with the perfect conclusion paragraph. Let's see an example.

  • Create a to-the-point conclusion paragraph for [YOUR ESSAY]

It would not be wrong to say that this conclusion paragraph meets the expectations of instructors and students. Moreover, if you think paying $20 for more advanced features would be OK. You can also create a knowledge base in ChatGPT-4, and upload the documents that are related to your essay topic. In that way, GPT can create even better essay conclusions, even whole essays for you!

Lastly, we want to show that GPT can even write the full essays for you if you need that. All you need is just a prompt again. Tell Chat GPT what you need, and it will create the perfect essay for you!

  • Create a 500 words essay about [YOUR TOPIC]

Last Words

In final words, we can say that ChatGPT is your best helper for your writing needs. If you need to create SEO articles, blog posts, novels, novellas, stories, or even academic essays, Chat GPT can help you in a great way.

Although it is a chat bot, and not designed to create long-form content, with the right prompts a chat bot can also be a great writer for you. Because it takes time to reach a certain level of knowledge in prompt engineering, we tried to cover more than one topic in today's article to help people with different needs. You can play with example prompts, create your best prompt for different occasions and master your Chat GPT prompts skills. All you need to do is to spend some time on Chat GPT and find out which prompts bring which results. It will take less time than writing your article, book, story or essay by yourself from beginning to end.