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AI Tools

GPT like translater.
Generate comments
YouTube Ideas
YouTube video ideas generator
Customer Communication
Informative customer emails
Text Editor
Text analysis, rewrite, revise with AI.
Translate, improve language, correct errors with AI.
Story Creation
Prompt for generating fictional stories. Generate unusual ideas for articles or narratives.
Idea Development
Prompt for developing new concepts and exploring ideas related to philosophy or creative fields. The prompt can be adapted for various creative purposes.
Term Explanation
Prompt for finding definitions of terms in an understandable form. GPT will provide examples, ask questions, and break down complex concepts into smaller parts that are easier to grasp.
Character Analysis
Prompt for finding information about fictional characters from literary works, movies, or TV series. GPT will analyze the details and answer questions about various qualities of the character or moments from the story. The prompt can also be adapted for studying biographies of real people.
Movie Recommendations
Simple prompt for finding interesting movies. Enter examples of movies you've watched, and GPT will provide a list of similar ones based on several criteria. The prompt can be easily adapted for TV series, books, games, music, or theatrical performances.
Travel Guide
Prompt to help find interesting places in a specified location. These could include historical landmarks, museums, restaurants, etc. Simply specify the type or ask the bot to gather all possible options.
Recipe Search
Prompt for quickly finding recipes tailored to your diet. GPT will take into account dietary restrictions and calorie limits.
Meal Plan
Prompt to quickly gather ideas for a weekend meal plan. The number of days can be adjusted, for example, up to a week or down to a single day.
Code Explanation
Prompt to help understand programming code more quickly. GPT will provide analogies and simple examples that will be understandable to people without much experience in development.
Code Conversion
Prompt for quickly translating code from one programming language to another. Simply specify the names of the languages involved.
Design Guidance
Prompt to receive advice on how to develop the design of an organization's website or application. GPT will provide recommendations on typography usage and interface elements.
KPI Analysis
This prompt can be adapted for various purposes. In our example, it is used for collecting key performance indicators (KPIs) and their formulas in a specific area of an organization's activity.
HR Specialist
This prompt turns GPT into an HR specialist who can help you prepare for an interview.
HR Specialist CV
This prompt turns GPT into an HR specialist who can help you to create your resume.
SEO Optimization
This prompt helps to come up with headings and meta tags from scratch or adapt existing ones based on your examples.
Sentiment Analysis
This prompt helps analyze the tone of a text in your desired language, whether it's positive, negative, neutral, or has a specific emotional coloring.
Prompt Generation
This prompt helps to formulate your request more accurately for the specified neural networks, such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion.
Marketing Best Practices
This prompt helps compile a list of best practices for optimizing marketing strategies, providing specific strategies and advice.